Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Poll: Hispanics Support Trump's Deportations & Defunding Sanctuary Cities

Poll: Hispanics Support Trump's Deportations & Defunding Sanctuary Cities: Well, well, well. According to a new poll from Secure America Now, Hispanic voters support President Trump taking action on deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records and punishing the approximately 300 sanctuary cities for protecting undocumented criminals.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Saturday, February 04, 2017

70% of Voters Distrust the Media

Good News: 70% of Voters Distrust the Media: A majority of voters now recognize the implicit bias in the news media and more of them reject its influence, according to a new MRC/YouGov poll. Surveyed were 2,006 voters who give concrete evidence that the mainstream media is under fire for its role in trying to manipulate elections. Here are the results:

Weekly Address: President Trump Touts Judge Gorsuch, Marks Black History Month

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Going After the Roots of Terrorism

Democrats Were For SCOTUS Pick Neil Gorsuch Before They Were Against Him

Democrats Were For SCOTUS Pick Neil Gorsuch Before They Were Against Him: Democrats are scrambling for any way to hurt the confirmation of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. The media is attacking his mom and Nancy Pelosi is fear-mongerer number one, telling Jake Tapper on Tuesday night that “he’s not your guy” if you care about breathing clean air and stuff.

Trump on CNN: 'I Don’t Like Watching Fake News’

Trump on CNN: 'I Don’t Like Watching Fake News’: At a meeting with community leaders to discuss the start of Black History month, President Trump set the room in stitches when he mentioned fake news and CNN in the same sentence. The president has come out swinging and he isn’t afraid to accuse the networks of producing fake news and treating Republicans different from Democrats when reporting. And so he did in this circumstance which wasn’t all about the state of journalism, but it never hurts to remind everyone what we’re dealing with.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

$181 Billion in costly Obama regulations frozen, more coming

$181 billion in Obama regulations frozen, more coming: President Trump, moving fast to freeze and stop last minute regulations jammed through by former President Obama, has already stopped rules that would have cost businesses and taxpayers $181 billion. According to a new analysis, Trump's actions began on Inauguration Day and had the added benefit of saving 5.5 million hours in paperwork. American Action Forum's Sam Batkins said, It is standard operating procedure for a new president to take stock of the existing regulatory landscape. What was extraordinary was that the previous administration had $181 billion in regulatory burdens, 16 billion-dollar rules, and millions of hours of new paperwork pending in the system. It's unlikely the regulatory freeze lasts for longer than a few months, but it's a certainty that the administration will scrutinize all pending major rules and determine those that adequately protect public health and safety and those that could harm economic growth.