Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hayden Panettiere dives in to save whales

I hadn't given much thought about saving whales, but now that Hayden Panettiere is taking up the cause, count me in.

This is no April Fool's joke. The star of NBC's "Heroes" will be in Australia on April 1 to rally support for a campaign to gather 1 million signatures to save the whales from commercial fishing.

Since the whaling moratorium went into effect in 1986, more than 25,000 great whales, including endangered species, have been killed by Japan, Norway, and Iceland while Japanese fisherman have killed hundreds of thousands of dolphins and small whales in their coastal drive hunts, according to The Whaleman Foundation.

I'm not big on celebrity endorsements, but how can anyone resist Hayden's plea to save the whales?

Find out more about the petition drive at the link below:

Hayden Panettiere in Sydney Australia on April 1 to Ask for 1 Million Petition Signatures to End Commercial Whaling

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