Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The entitlement class

Excellent editorial in the Allentown Morning Call contrasting the penny-pinching by Pennsylvania taxpayers to make ends meet in these tough economic times while the political class in Harrisburg continues to squander public dollars.

From the editorial:
Taxpayers understand what it means to pinch pennies. And, they grasp that in this economy, doing so is a must. It's too bad more people in state government don't get it.

Pennsylvanians are trying to economize and spend smarter so it is outrageous that in Harrisburg it's still business as usual. These elected officials and public employees need shorter leashes.
Taxpayers had a golden opportunity to reign in the professional political class in Harrisburg last November, but swept up by Obama fever, too many voters cast party-line votes and sent the same people back to the Legislature.

It's clear that the "new" Legislative leadership is just an extension of the Perzel/DeWeese era. House Democrats, especially, are abusing their privilege and sticking taxpayers with the bill.

The next opportunity to storm the gilded palace known as the state Capitol won't come until 2010.

Read the full editorial, "Harrisburg spenders send a message of entitlement," at the newspaper's Web site.

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