Monday, August 10, 2015

More Pennsylvania Newspapers Call for Kathleen Kane's Resignation

In addition to the 8 newspapers I cited in a previous post, several more Pennsylvania newspapers are calling for the resignation of indicted Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, the first woman and the first Democrat ever elected to the post in state history.

The calls to step down include the very liberal Harrisburg Patriot News: For the Good of the Commonwealth, Kathleen Kane Must Resign
Because honoring her oath to protect uphold the law demands no less. She cannot be a defender of the law and also hold herself above it by remaining in office.
She must resign.
Norristown Times Herald: Pennsylvania Attorney General Kane Should Resign
But for the sake of her office, and for the sake of the commonwealth, she should heed Gov. Tom Wolf’s call for her to resign. It just doesn’t look good that the state’s chief law enforcement officer is doing her job while facing criminal charges herself.
Easton Express-Times: Kathleen Kane Case Troubling on Many Levels
In the meantime, Kane must relinquish her office. There's simply no way she can maintain public confidence in her abilities and professionalism until this is resolved.
Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice: Kathleen Kane Should Resign
"Kane, regardless of whether she is criminally liable, has forfeited her credibility. She should resign to focus on her own defense and to put the Office of Attorney General on a steadier, more professional course." 
 Sunbury Daily Item: Kane's Troubles Too Much To Overcome
As Wolf said, Kane is entitled to her day in court. However, she must understand continuing as the state’s top prosecutor with this dark cloud looming over her and the office creates an unlikely scenario in which Kane must balance appropriately serving those who elected her while defending herself against criminal charges. In that context, the only move for Kane and taxpayers is for Kane to walk away.

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