Monday, December 25, 2006

THE CENTRIST: Clarity and Vision

I wanted to share with you something brought to my attention by friend Randy. It is a speech given by a Lieutenant Colonel Randolph C. White, Jr., at the graduation ceremony for advanced infantry training at Fort Benning, Georgia this past April.

I wanted to present a transcript of the entire speech to you, but then had the thought that, no…it would not do. It is much better that you should go to the site and watch the speech itself. Watch and listen to this man give the speech. It is twelve minutes long. And it is one of the most remarkable speeches I’ve ever heard.

If you do nothing else this week between Christmas and New Years, please go to this site and watch and listen to this extraordinary man giving an extraordinary speech.

Here is the link to the speech at the Black Five website:
[click here].

Please go listen to the man.

Happy New Year!


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