Wednesday, September 06, 2006

109: Go Get ‘em Ms. Harris!

It won’t be the Iraq War that hurts the Republicans in November. And it will be of little help to the Democrats, as some of them are already wisely perceiving. No, not the war. What will hurt the Republicans is the Republican National Committee and Republican incumbents.

Just as they have become in Pennsylvania, our other states and national Republican office-holders have lost their ear to the people, having succumbed to the rat-race of reelection campaign fundraising.

Suddenly from Florida comes a message: despite being publicly humiliated by the Florida Republican Party, and being branded a sure loser by them, Katherine Harris won her primary fight in the race to unseat incumbent Bill Nelson. She did so convincingly despite her own party’s detractors and nay-sayers.

Considering what national Democrats have been saying about her after her courageous stand as Florida Secretary of State in the 2000 Presidential Election, what the Republicans in Florida were publicly saying about her during the run up to yesterday’s Florida Primary Election was mild. However, what they were whispering privately to anyone who would listen rivals even the worst of the Democrats’ venom.

What became obvious to just about everybody in November and December of 2000 is that Katherine Harris is a woman of integrity and courage. Lesser lights would have cut and run, dumping the Florida Presidential vote on the courts with the pressure placed on Ms. Harris. Not Katherine Harris. She stood her ground, did her job within the confines of the Florida Constitution, and totally ignored the viciously mean and ugly things and personal attacks the Democrats were saying about her.

Now she has shown the same poise, the same courage, and the same integrity in the Primary Election, and obviously the voters love her for it. She is plain spoken and without the usual political guile that frames election speeches and interviews.

In short, she appeals to Conservative voters because she has class, integrity, courage, and poise. I doubt I would be able to ignore the ugly things that her detractors have been saying about her for nearly six years.

The Republican Party of Florida ought to be ashamed of the way they have treated Katherine Harris, and by rights ought to jump on her bandwagon now and do everything within their power to get her elected. Her election to the US Senate in November will bode well for Florida’s citizens, the Republican Party and the Bush administration.

Nope, it won’t be Iraq that hurts the Republicans in November, or the immigration debate. It will be the Republicans themselves who simply are not putting enough fresh blood into an idea-starved, ideologically challenged Congress.


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Cheesecake said...

I agree whole heartedly with this opinion.

I took the opportunity to link to [url=] in Misc. News Forum[/url]............because these Republicans, or a few of them, have a ''down in the mouth'' approach to Ms. Harris' campaign.

Believing her disgruntled ex-campaign-team workers, she was demonized as someone that they were unable to work with, and that she was very uncooperative: some Republicans are ''not paying close attention'' to the chance of ''loosing it all''

I believe that might have been the pot calling the kettle black.

WTG Ms. Harris, and thank you for this weblog.